Tours are available on:
JUNE 2025

Point of Entry/Departure:
New Delhi, INDIA


Ladakh Highlights

Join us on this transformative odyssey, where the beauty of Ladakh's scenery and the wisdom of Buddhism converge to create an unforgettable experience for both the body and the soul.


Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our tour through the breathtaking landscapes of Ladakh, often referred to as "Little Tibet." Our journey takes you deep into the heart of this mesmerizing region, where the stark beauty of the Himalayas meets the vibrant Tibetan Buddhist culture. Explore the ancient Thiksey Monastery, a marvel perched on a hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Alchi, known for its ancient monastic art and architecture that transport you through time.

As we traverse the enchanting landscapes, our path will lead us to the renowned Nubra Valley, a high-altitude desert with unparalleled beauty. The stark contrast of sand dunes against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks creates a surreal experience. The influence of Buddhism is palpable in every corner, with monasteries and prayer flags dotting the landscape, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and spiritual harmony.

Beyond the visual feast, this journey is a gateway to well-being. The serene surroundings and the spiritual ambiance of Ladakh provide a unique opportunity for introspection and mental rejuvenation. The mindfulness embedded in Buddhist teachings becomes a guiding force, offering a holistic wellness impact. 

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Tour Details

The typical schedule


Day 01
Welcome in Delhi + Flight to Leh
Day 02
Acclimatization + Afternoon walk to Leh Palace
Day 03
Morning Walk to Stupa + Acclimatization
Day 04
Journey to Nubra Valley passing Khardung La (5300m)
Day 05
Nubra Valley
Day 06
Nubra Valley
Day 07
Nubra Valley
Day 08
Journey to Pangong Lake
Day 09
Journey to Leh + Rest
Day 10
Visit to Hemis & Thiksey Monastery
Day 11
Back to Delhi



Cost of tour


$ 2,000

$ 3,900



10 Day Tour
+ Transportations in India
+ Accommodations
+ 3 Meals/day
+ Sightseeing Fees



Flight Tickets in & out of India
Visa Fees
Snacks & Alcoholic Drinks


Photographic Impressions


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Before You Travel


Flights Recommendations
Delhi is very well connected with many direct flights. You can find the best prices on well-known sites such as Momondo & Skyscanner.

You will need to arrive in Delhi by midday or by latest early afternoon on the starting date.
We can look into that together and secure your arrival time. Your Airport pick up is provided.
General Tips

  • Pack light! Rucksack & Backpack 60L is recommended. No suitcases pleases.
  • You will definitely need a good quality shoe with ankle support for this trip as there's lots of walks and hikes in the forest. This is very important !! I recommend SALOMON brand.
  • Keep in mind to bring some warm clothing. Although it can be sunny in the daytime with temperatures around 19-26 degrees Celsius, the temperature can drop to around 7-10 degrees Celsius at night in the mountains.
  • Do bring earplugs to allow you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Bring a flashlight.
  • Bring you ATM visa/mastercards. Ensure you have sufficient funds.
  • Shoes are not to be worn inside temples or Ashrams. Generally shoes are not worn inside most buildings. Footwear is usually left outside at the entrance of the building.
  • Don't look into the eyes of monkeys and don't feed them as they may take your whole bag away!
  • Never walk alone at night wherever you are in India.