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Bhavnath is a diversely creative being. He draws inspiration for his emotive meditative music in the lush forests and landscapes of the Himalayas. He extends the musical experience with sound baths and nature walks by leading pilgrimages in the mystical lands of India and Nepal. He is also the founder the Wellness Lovers Community in Mauritius where he organises retreats and festivals. Bhavnath holds a BSc.(Hons) in Multimedia and is available for freelance work.

Earth Tours


Mystical Himalaya Pilgrimage with Bhavnath

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new album   E A R T H 2.0

The Instrumental Version
Ideal for Massage and Holistic Treatments

EARTH is an emotionally soft, silent and delicate album made with lush interplay of pianos, ethereal string textures, poems from friends and nature sounds. It comes to address the challenges we face as humans on this planet and the possibilities in our hands and hearts to embrace the trans-formative space we wish to see to happen.

EARTH melodies came through while i was soaked in the silence and harmony of the Himalayan Forests and out of this world mountain landscapes in Nepal and India. This album is a collection of transmission of this beauty and peacefulness of nature and its resonance on the expressions to let-go, be free, self-contented and being peaceful within.

As you are aware lots of energies has been put into it and would be grateful if you can support and share this offering. I send my gratitude to all those who contributed with poems, voices, vocals and hearty support in the creation of this album.
Love you all !


Music Video Clips


Wave Blossom


worlds in silence

the mountains

darkness blues


skies of our hearts

Wellness Mauritius Events & Directory

A web project I made for the Wellness Community in Mauritius which gives teachers the ability to create, publish and accept bookings for their Wellness Events. There is also the functionality for teachers on the island to be included in a wellness directory.
Wellness Mauritius Events & Directory

conversation with me

Reach out to me for a talk if you feel stuck somewhere emotionally. I might be of help.
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technology services

I create Website & Graphic Works
I provide maintenance and fix for your PC/MAC