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Earth Tours

Embark on transformative journeys with wellness tours curated for rejuvenation and self-discovery in the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal, the Indian Himalayas, and the idyllic Mauritius Island. As your guide, I offer a unique blend of serene natural settings and tailored holistic experiences.

Emotive Music

Immerse yourself in the evocative melodies and heartfelt compositions crafted for stirring emotions through sound. Each note tells a story, weaving a tapestry of feelings that resonate with the soul. You can experience the musics for free or with support on Tune in, let the music speak, and embark on a unique auditory adventure.

Meditation Facilitator

I have offered exclusive sound healing experiences and breath work sessions in various resorts namely LUX* Resorts in Mauritius and Maldives. These distinctive frequencies aims to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

Wellness Organizer

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of organizing and holding five transformative wellness festivals on the enchanting shores of Mauritius Island. These festivals have been curated to offer participants a holistic experience, embracing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. In addition to the vibrant festivals, I have also organized exclusive wellness retreats based on Trauma Release.

Website Designer

Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia, I have accumulated over a decade of invaluable experience working for international corporations. Fueled by my passion for creativity, I transitioned into the realm of freelancing, where I now channel my expertise into crafting websites, graphic works, and establishing impactful branding and visual identities.


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new album

Ideal for Massage and Holistic Treatments

EARTH is an emotionally soft, silent and delicate album made with lush interplay of pianos, ethereal string textures and nature sounds. It comes to address the challenges we face as humans on this planet and the possibilities in our hands and hearts to embrace the trans-formative space we wish to see to happen.

EARTH melodies came through while i was soaked in the silence and harmony of the Himalayan Forests and out of this world mountain landscapes in Nepal and India. This album is a collection of transmission of this beauty and peacefulness of nature and its resonance on the expressions to let-go, be free, self-contented and being peaceful within.

As you are aware lots of energies has been put into it and would be grateful if you can support and share this offering.
~ Love ~

Emotive Albums

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Wave Blossom




worlds in silence


the mountains




darkness blues


skies of our hearts




Reach out to me for a talk if you feel stuck somewhere emotionally. I might be of help.

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