digital guru

Passionate about the digital world i was fortunate enough to learn all by myself from an early age.
Following a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia i worked for more than 10 years in the corporate world for international companies before dropping everything for wellness.

But i still provide my skills on Freelance ! :-)

Bhav ZenArts

wallpapers for your smartphone

Forest Vol 1

This Forest Collection, Vol 1 comes with 10 high quality pieces of artwork. They were all shot in the Himalayas where I usually spend most of my time for composing music.

This pack of 10 artwork costs $10 USD

The Nepali Himalayas

This collection of photography is from my journey in the Himalayas of Nepal in 2019. Grateful to have captured these majestic peaks and be sharing them with you now.

This pack of 10 artwork costs $10 USD

freelance services

some samples of my work