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The Wellness Lovers Mauritius was born out of a common vision with dearest Trine Sundal.

The essence was to serve as the ultimate portal for Wellness Activities in paradise island Mauritius by providing the space for sharing Yoga, Meditations, Holistic Therapies and other well-being classes, events or workshops on the island. It is also a loving support for therapists in sharing their passions, to encourage in the expansion of a conscious living and to gather everyone in love and unity.

Soon enough in the light of reaching out, Wellness Festival Mauritius was born
with the hearty support of Trine, Kan, Sophie SewHee, Ashwin, Asha, Rajneesh and many other friends.
The festival serves as an inspiring, healthy and positive gathering for a conscious and loving way of living on the island.
Once or Twice a year the community gather for the Wellness Festival Mauritius.
An amazing 3 days featuring amazing teachers, therapists and artists, from our local list of talents as well as internationally recognized professionals. We aim to bring awareness to the offerings of well-being we have in Mauritius, as well as bring inspiration from abroad to inspire and move us forward.
The festivals attract over 200+ attendees !

Below a few videos for the 5 previous editions.


Heart Wide Open Retreat


Our Yoga and Wellness Mauritius community group on facebook


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The Wellness Mauritius
Events & Directory

A web project I made for the Wellness Community in Mauritius which gives teachers the ability to create, publish and accept bookings for their Wellness Events. There is also the functionality for teachers on the island to be included in a wellness directory.