from person to presence

Spirituality is the space of no-mind, freedom, love and unity.
It is the ultimate & direct recognition in understanding the self and the journey of various paths that leads to it.

The Conversations

Reach out to me for a talk if you feel stuck somewhere emotionally.
I might be of help.

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Some of my expertise

Meditative Therapies
OSHO Meditations
AUM Meditation (Humaniversity)
Tantra Meditations (Hariprem,Tanhit,Nandana)
Vipassana Meditation

OSHO Meditationstm
OSHO Dynamic
OSHO Kundalini
OSHO Nataraj
OSHO Chakra Breathing
OSHO Nadabrahma
OSHO Mandala
OSHO Chakra Sounds
OSHO Gourishankar
OSHO No Dimensions
OSHO Golden Light
OSHO Devavani
OSHO Whirling

On-going wellness sessions

Forest Breath Meditation


A powerful Active Meditation with Bhavnath based on Shamanic Breathworks and OSHO ActiveMeditations.

FLUSH all our accumulated tensions, worries, blockages from our body & mind and EMBRACE the power of the elements of the Forest to be deeply rooted in silence and bliss. This meditation offers you the freedom to explore your wild nature, set yourself refreshed and energized.

Join me on every WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY @ BlackRiver NationalPark in the freshness of the awakening forest. Meeting inside Parking by latest 08:00am.

Sacred Sound Healing


I'm offering SACRED SOUND HEALING (shamanic medicine therapy) which is an energetic therapy through the vibration & resonance of healing sound frequencies of ethnic instruments such as tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, shamanic drum & chants.

This deep shamanic medicine therapy brings relaxation, calmness and is the right medium to let go & release off accumulated tensions, stress, anxiety and trauma; leaving you centered and harmonious.

The session can be offered for an individual, couple or group.

OSHO International Meditation Resort

Documentary of Sri Mooji in Rishikesh