Namaste, I’m glad you found me :}
My name is Bhavnath and I have much to share.

On this page you can find out what I have been up to lately, a little history and whats on schedule.
The most beautiful thing about being spiritual and be in its creative energy is to be in the position to inspire & uplift our togetherness.
The path has been such a blessing from the early childhood days and it keeps amaze me today !
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videoclip from infused album

SuAsti videoclip from Divyani album

World Music voyage with Divyani !

Mystical Frequencies with Infused !

Poetry into music with Persia Juliet

Last Sound Medicine at LUX* Saint Gilles, Réunion Island

Impressions from our latest retreat HEART WIDE OPEN

session: sound healing massage



May 22, 2018

Voyage Sonore | A Sacred Sound Healing Journey

Date: MAY 29th 2018 | Time: 18:30-20:30 | Venue: Galerie Du Moulin Casse, Pereybere

Immerse yourself on a shamanic journey with aboriginal music, sounds & chants on ethnic instruments like Didgeridoos, Tibetan Bowls, Native Flutes, Shamanic Drum...
August 4, 2017

Shamanic SoundHealing Full Moon Meditation

Date: AUGUST 7th 2017 | Time: 18:45-20:00 | Venue: TAMARINA Golf Estate

Immerse yourself on a shamanic journey with aboriginal music, sounds & chants on ethnic instruments like Didgeridoos, Tibetan Bowls, Native Flutes, Shamanic Drum...
June 29, 2017

Forest Breath Meditation

Weekly: On Saturdays | Time: 08:10-10:00 | Venue: BlackRiver National Park.

A meditation based on Shamanic Breathworks, Kundalini Energy & Earthy vital forces.
June 8, 2017

Shamanic FullMoon Meditation

Date: JUNE 9th 2017 | Time: 18:30-20:30 | Venue: CALODYNE

Embrace the FULLMOON as never before with Active Meditation, Shamanic Music and Transcendental Dance.
April 30, 2017

HeartWideOpen Retreat 2017

Date: JUNE 16-18 2017 | Venue: ANDREA LODGES

Sophie Sew, Sylvie Lang, Julie de Rosnay and Bhavnath are happy to share a unique retreat to a break from the hectic routine life to dive inwards and settle the energies. A lovely powerful program, accessible for everyone has been prepared with offerings of Yoga, Meditations, SoundHealing, Hiking, good provide you an inspiring space of self rejuvenation, unwind, relax, contented and also spiritually fun to meditate with other beings in the same vibe !

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Being born in a Hindu family was easy to shape self-inquiry since the early age. The initial spiritual journey was very chaotic, totally rebellious... There was simply no answer to the greatest question in my head: Who Am I ? An overwhelming darkness was necessary to break the seed and bring on the inspiring juices.

Ultimately I catch hold of something that was so revealing and compelling: OSHO. Through the blessing of this extraordinary master, things began to be channeled in purity and in its authenticity where for the very first time the dynamic to life was magic. Things got more and more mystical where the mind started to drop back and bliss was just pouring out. Much later the meeting with Advaita Master SriMooji was so profound that I don’t know what to write about this...

There was a natural flow to share back such a transformative path. This brought me to bridge the traditional wisdom of the past and modern techniques so that it is more easily accessible to with the space of being more conscious and aware in these modern times. Both my creative multimedia works and the wellness offerings come from such a long journey.

Born and raised in Mauritius Island, it was necessary for me to create a Wellness Community on the island. This was made possible in 2014 with the help and guidance of beautiful beings. Four Wellness Festivals were given birth with the dearest support of Trine Sundal, Kan, Sophie Swee, Ashwin Malliah, Rajneesh and much other friends.

These days I am offering intensive retreats to bring participants into deeper-inner inquiries.