Welcome to the paradise island

Mauritius !


Point of Entry/Departure:

SSR International Airport, MAURITIUS


Tours available on

JULY 2024, AUGUST 2024


Mauritius is famed for its turquoise lagoons, powder-white sandy beaches and lush vegetation. So much more than just beautiful beaches, however, Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures. The interior of Mauritius boasts waterfalls, national parks, forest trails, mountains and an immersion into nature blending the vibrant Wellness scene of Mauritius to create a truly rich travel experience.

Sister island, Reunion, is bubbling with gorgeous canyons, an active volcano, lush forests, hiking trails, waterfalls and nature camping. Rodrigues on the other hand is a serence and peaceful island where you get to see stunning 360 degrees view of the indian-ocean, gorgeous caves and seafood delicacies.

Note that Reunion and Rodrigues is an additional package which is communicated upon interest & query only.


As you can imagine the Himalayas has been a source of inspiration for me regarding meditations, sound healing practices and the spiritual community. You can explore more about me on bhavnath.com

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What to expect on this tour

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
~ Mark Twain

Photographic Impressions

Trip highlights

The typical schedule


★ 7 days tour in Mauritius
★ Visit to sacred holy sites, easy to moderate hiking in the mountains, meditation, good food and fun !

★ Optional visit to Rodrigues and Reunion at extra cost
★ Group communication will be in English & French



Cost of 7 days trip


$ 2,800

$ 5,000

Benefit an additional 10% discount on all packages if you book at least 1 month before the tour dates.



What's included

7 Day Tour
+ Within Mauritius only
+ Transportation across the island
+ Accommodation
+ 3 Meals/day
+ Wellness Experiences
+ Sightseeing Fees



Flight Tickets in & out of Mauritius
Visa Fees
Snacks & Alcoholic Drinks

Before You Travel

Flights Recommendations
Mauritius is very well connected with many direct flights. You can find the best prices on well-known sites such as Momondo & Skyscanner.

You will need to arrive in Mauritius by midday or by latest early afternoon on the starting date.
We can look into that together and secure your arrival time. Your Airport pick up is provided.

General Tips

  • Pack light! Rucksack & Backpack 60L is recommended. No suitcases pleases.
  • You will definitely need a good quality shoe for this trip as there's lots of walks and hikes in the forest. This is very important !! I recommend SALOMON brand.
  • Keep in mind to bring some warm clothing. Although it can be sunny in the daytime with temperatures around 22-30 degrees Celsius, the temperature can drop to around 17-20 degrees Celsius at night .
  • Do bring earplugs to allow you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Bring a flashlight.
  • Bring you ATM visa/mastercards. Ensure you have sufficient funds.
  • Bring your Flip Flops and swinwear too.
  • Buy an over-the-neck passport bag or money-belt to carry money and passport.
  • Never walk alone at night wherever you are in Mauritius.