Beloveds, I am delighted to guide you to discover
the Southern part of Incredible India !

With my 15 years of travelling across India I came across the Gems of this Spiritual land.
This pilgrimage consists of amazing discoveries through World Heritage Sites, Ruins as well as Ashrams. The pilgrimage is a unique opportunity at an exceptional offer for a get away, for you to refresh the body and spirit.
Kindly read all the guidelines & info below.

Love, Bhavnath

P.S. As you can imagine India has been a source of inspiration for me regarding meditations, sound healing practices and the spiritual community. You can explore more about me on


India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.

~ Mark Twain

The Southern Indian Pilgrimage
Trip Date: JANUARY 2020, 10th to 20th
Point of Entry/Departure: Mumbai

The Trip

Date: JANUARY 2020, 10th to 20th (10 days)

Group communication will be in English & French

note: program might be subject to change

  • 10th | Your arrival in Mumbai
  • 11-20th | The Pilgrimage to over 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Ellora Ajanta Caves, Hampi), visit to Ashrams and we end up in GOA ! (detailed info later)

The pilgrimage is a traditional spiritual one and it's understood it doesn't involve any smoking & other illicit substances.

★ Tour Pricing ★

$ USD1900

Included in the price
  • Accommodations
    + Transportations in India
    + Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners

Registration deadline is 2 months before the trip dates.

NOT Included
Flight Tickets to & out of India, Visa Fees, Alcoholic Drinks & Snacks

Note that he group is limited to 4 people only and you should be medically fit for long walks.


Mumbai & Delhi is very well connected with many direct flights.
You can find the best prices on well-known sites such as and

Note that this southern tour starts in Mumbai on 10th January early morning & end on 21st in Mumbai.
You will need to be present in Mumbai by latest 10th January.
We can look into that together and secure your arrival day & time.

Before You Travel


General Tips

  • Pack light! Rucksack & Backpack 60L is recommended. No suitcases pleases.
  • You will definitely need a good quality shoe with ankle support for this trip as there's lots of walks and hikes. This is very important !! I recommend SALOMON brand.
  • Keep in mind to bring some warm clothing for Northern Trip. For Southern Trips although it can be sunny in the daytime with warm temperatures around 25-30 degrees Celsius, the temperature can drop to around 10-18 degrees Celsius at night and morning time.
  • Do bring earplugs to allow you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Bring a flashlight.
  • Bring you ATM visa/mastercards. Ensure you have sufficient funds.
  • Shoes are not to be worn inside temples or Ashrams. Generally shoes are not worn inside most buildings. Footwear is usually left outside at the entrance of the building.
  • Buy an over-the-neck passport bag or money-belt to carry money and passport.
  • Don't look into the eyes of monkeys and don't feed them as they may take your whole bag away!
  • Never walk alone at night wherever you are in India.


A valid visa and passport is required to enter India. You will need to contact the Embassy (or High Commission) of India in your own country to obtain your visa before your departure dates. Visa on Arrival (E-Visa) is available for passport holders of a limited number of countries. Note that this visa is only valid for 1 year and is made online on portal. Be aware that a visa is valid from the date it is generated at the Embassy and not from the date of entry.

Health Insurance

It is compulsory to have your health insurance covered throughout your whole trip in India. Insurance can be easily made available at various insurance company. We recommend Mauritius Union those who are coming from Mauritius. Please ensure to keep all relevant documentation throughout your whole travelling.

Food & Water

Do not drink any water from taps unless you know it has been filtered with a very good water filter as one can become very ill from drinking contaminated water. You can buy sealed bottled water in the supermarkets or general stores; ensure to check the seal on the bottle cap. India is a place of amazing delicacies and taste ! There are plenty of good restaurants with a variety of foods for both Western oriented minds, as well for those who like to eat local Indian food. Most HOLY places are vegetarian so don’t expect to find any meat, fish or egg. Always ask for food without HOT & SPICY.


The country currency is Indian Rupees. There are ATM cash machines at the airport and throughout India where one can withdraw cash using a credit card or a bankcard. Major currencies such as US dollars, British pounds and Euros are easy to change. Remember, you must present your passport whenever you change currency or travellers cheques. You can check the exchange rate for your currency on a web site such as


It is recommended to arrange for vaccinations or homeopathic vaccinations before your travel. Check with your doctor or health clinic which vaccinations are required for visiting India. Please note: If you are travelling from South America you are expected to show proof of vaccination for Yellow Fever.

Dress Code

Culturally in India it is essential to dress modestly, especially in an Ashram and when visiting a Holy Cities. Guidelines: Shoulders, chest, buttocks and knees should be covered. Clothing should be loose and not transparent except in GOA ;)