The paradise islands

Available trip on
MAY 2022, 1st-12th
JUNE 2022, 5th-16th

Mauritius is famed for its turquoise lagoons, powder-white sandy beaches, lush vegetation and amazing diverse culture.
Sister island, Reunion, is bubbling with gorgeous canyons, active volcano, lush forests, hiking trails, waterfalls and campings.


What to expect on this Tour

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The Paradise Tour

Available trip on
MAY 2022, 1st-12th
JUNE 2022, 5th-16th

Point of Entry/Departure: Mauritius

★ 12 days immersion across Mauritius & Reunion Islands.
★ Visit to sacred holy sites, easy to moderate hiking in the mountains, meditation, good food and fun !
★ Group communication will be in English & French

Detailed schedule is sent after registration.

★ Tour Cost ★

$ USD from1950*

Included in the price
  • Luxury Accommodation
    + Transportation
    + Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

NOT Included
Flight Tickets in & out of Mauritius, Visa Fees, Alcoholic Drinks & Snacks

Registration closes as soon as all places are booked. I keep the group small so kindly secure your place !

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Flights Recommendations

Mauritius is very well connected with many direct flights.
You can find the best prices on well-known sites such as Momondo & Skyscanner.

You will need to be present in Mauritius prior to the starting date of the program.
We can look into that together and secure your arrival day & time.

Before You Travel


General Tips

  • Pack light! Rucksack & Backpack 60L is recommended. No suitcases pleases.
  • You will definitely need a good quality shoe for this trip as there's lots of walks and hikes in the forest. This is very important !! I recommend SALOMON brand.
  • Keep in mind to bring some warm clothing. Although it can be sunny in the daytime with temperatures around 22-30 degrees Celsius, the temperature can drop to around 17-20 degrees Celsius at night .
  • Do bring earplugs to allow you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Bring a flashlight.
  • Bring you ATM visa/mastercards. Ensure you have sufficient funds.
  • Bring your Flip Flops and swinwear too.
  • Buy an over-the-neck passport bag or money-belt to carry money and passport.
  • Never walk alone at night wherever you are in Mauritius.


A valid visa and passport is required to enter Mauritius. Visa on Arrival for 30 days is available for passport holders of diverse countries. Kindly check on the Mauritius Immigration portal for your country requirement

Health Insurance

It is compulsory to have your health insurance covered throughout your whole trip in Mauritius/Reunion/Rodrigues. Please ensure to keep all relevant documentation throughout your whole travelling.

Food & Water

Do not drink any water from taps unless you know it has been filtered with a very good water filter as one can become very ill from drinking contaminated water. You can buy sealed bottled water in the supermarkets or general stores; ensure to check the seal on the bottle cap. Mauritius is a place of amazing delicacies and taste ! There are plenty of good restaurants with a variety of foods for both Western oriented minds, as well for those who like to eat the local cuisine.


The country currency is Mauritian Rupees. There are ATM cash machines at the airport and throughout Mauritius where one can withdraw cash using a credit card or a bankcard. Major currencies such as US dollars, British pounds and Euros are easy to change. Remember, you must present your passport whenever you change currency or travellers cheques. You can check the exchange rate for your currency on a web site such as


It is recommended to arrange for vaccinations or homeopathic vaccinations before your travel. Check with your doctor or health clinic which vaccinations are required for visiting Mauritius.

Dress Code

Culturally in Mauritius it is essential to dress modestly. Do not forget to bring your swimwear for oceanic dip !